International Translation Conferences 2015: June

Ottawa (Canada): 2-5 June 2015: Congreso de la Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas 2015

Groningen (The Netherlands), 3-5 June 2015: Thinking, Doing, Learning: Usage-based Perspectives on Second Language Learning (TDL)

Chambéry (France), 4-5 June 2015: TOTh International Conference: Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), 13-14 June 2015: Supporting each other, learning from each other. ProZ.com 2015 international conference

Zadar (Croatia), 15-16 June 2015: Agreement Across Borders Conference 2015 (AAB2015), Coordinated Research in the Experimental Morphosyntax of South Slavic Languages (EMSS)

Madrid (Spain), 15-19 June 2015: 1st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data (SD-LLOD-15)

London (UK) 18 June 2015: Translation as Collaboration: Translaboration? One day symposium

Poznań (Poland), 19-21 June 2015: 10th Conference on Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics (Legal linguistics)

Düsseldorf (Germany), 22-24 June 2015: 12th International Conference Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing (FSMLP 2015)

Caen (France), 22-25 June 2015: 22th Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN 2015)

Madrid (Spain), 22-26 June 2015: 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2015)

Torino (Italy), 24-26 June 2015: 5th International Conference on Maltese Linguistics

Geneva (Switzerland), 24-26 June 2015: Transius Conference: Joint conference combining two complementary events: A conference on Law, Translation and Culture (LTC5) and a legal and institutional translation seminarBrussels (Belgium), 26-27 June 2015: XIe Jourée scientifique Realiter. Terminologie et multilinguisme: objectifs, méthodologies et practiques

Istanbul (Turkey), 29-30 June 2015: LILA’15 Conference – Linguistics and Language Conference