International Conferences in Translation 2016


Montpellier (France), 4-5 February 2016: Horizon Justice Française 6

Université C. de Gaulle Lille III (France), 5 February 2016: Traduction & Qualité 2016: Corpus & Qualité

Barcelona (Spain), 11-12 February 2016:Together 2016: Developing our Connections

Roma (Italy), 11-13 February 2016: Linguistic and Cultural Representation in Audiovisual Translation

Jerusalem (Israel), 15-16 February 2016: ITA (Israel Translators Association) 2016 International Conference 

Vienna (Austria), 18-21 February 2016: Competition in Morphology, 17th International Morphology Meeting (IMM17)

Tübingen (Germany), 18-20 February 2016: Linguistic Evidence 2016: Empirical, theoretical and computational perspectives

Konstanz (Germany), 24-26 February 2016: 38th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society: Theory and Experiment


MARCH 2016

Malaga (Spain), 2-4 March 2016: VIII International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC 2016)

Lodz (Poland), 4-5 March 2016: Languages for specific purposes. Education and Career Opportunities – SPECLANG 2016

Lyon (France), 9-11 March 2016: Changements linguistiques et phénomènes sociétaux (CLPS 2016)

Hilversum (The Netherlands), 11-12 March 2016: Hét Tolk- en VertaalCongres ‘Samen kom je verder!’

Istanbul (Turkey), 10-12 March 2016: Language in Focus – From Theory to Practice: New Directions in ELT and Applied Linguistics 

Warsaw (Poland), 11-13 March 2016: The Translation & Localization Conference

Lyon (France), 14-18 March 2016: 11e Séminaire d’Anglais Medical 2016 – Formation à la terminologie et à la pratique écrite de l’anglais médical

Bremen (Germany), 15-18 March 2016: Third Bremen Conference on Language and Literature in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts (BCLL#3)

Paris (France), 17-18 March 2016: Management & Language – Le défi des frontières linguistiques dans les organisations – 10ème Colloque international du GEM&L

Doha (Qatar), 28-29 March 2016: Seventh Annual International Translation Conference: “Politics of Translation: Representations and Power”

Blacksburg – Virginia (USA), 31 March – 2 April 2016: Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Processing Conference – SVALP

Monterey (CA) (United States), 31 March – 2 April 2016: Conference ATISA VIII (American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association)


APRIL 2016

Berkeley (USA), 1-2 April 2016: Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable

Maryland (USA), 1-3 April 2016: The 2nd International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (CLTA-S2)

Montréal (Canada), 1-3 April 2016: Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas

Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA), 8-9 April 2016: 1st International Symposium on Language Attitudes Toward Portuguese, Spanish and Related Languages

Zagreb (Croatia), 8-10 April 2016: Francontraste: Structuration, langage, discours et au-delà

Orlando (USA), 9-12 April 2016: American Association for Applied Linguistics

Alicante (Spain), 14-16 April 2016: 34th International Conference of the Spanish Association for Applied Linguistics – Professional and Academic Discourse: an Interdisciplinary Perspective (AESLA 2016)

Prague (Czech Republic), 15-16 April 2016: BP16 Business + Practice: Conference for freelance translators

Basel (Switzerland), 15-16 April 2016: Language and Health Online: Typing Yourself Healthy

Istanbul (Turkey), 18-19 April 2016: Challenges in Literary Translation Conference

Cordoba (Spain), 20-22 April 2016: First International Congress on Science and Translation: Interdisciplinary bridges and dissemination of scientific knowledge

Budapest (Hungary), 21-22 April 2016: 11th EUATC conference: T-UPDATE on Management & Sales

Mallorca (Spain), 21-22 April 2016: ND Focus – Elia’s networking days for Executives – Business Strategies and Mergers & Acquisitions

Łódź (Poland), 23 April 2016: Workshops in Informal Logic and Linguistics: An Argumentation Forum (WILL)

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 21-24 April 2016: VI Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación

Chiayi (Taiwan), 22-24 April 2016: New Ways of Analyzing Variation ASIA-PACIFIC – 2016 NWAV-AP 4

Rouen (France),  25-27 April 2016: The 2nd International Conference on Grammaticalization: Theory and Data (Gramm2)

Valencia (Spain), 27-29 April 2016: Congreso Internacional de Traducción: EnTRetextos

Geneva (Switzerland), 27-29 April 2016: JIAMCATT 2016 – Technology as an agent of change

Salt Lake City (USA), 28-30 April 2016: 20th Biennial Conference on Balkan and South Slavic Linguistics, Literature and Folklore


MAY 2016

Naples (Italy), 5-6 May 2016: Theories & Realities in Translation & wRiting Forum- Creativity in Ttranslation / Interpretation and Interpreter / Translator Training

Winterthur (Switzerland), 5-7 May 2016: 3rd International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation

Budapest (Hungary), 18-20 May 2016: MemoQfest 2016

Catania (Italy), 19-21 May 2016: FaCT: Second International Conference on Food and Culture in Translation

Umeå (Sweden), 20-22 May 2016: SFÖ Conference – contact: konferens2016@sfoe.se

Helsinki (Finland), 25-27 May 2016: NordMetrik Conference, Versification: Metrics in Practice

Portorož (Slovenia), 23-28 May 2016: LREC 2016 HIGHLIGHT: Identify, Describe and Share your LRs!

Trieste (Italy), 26-28 May 2016: Translation and Interpreting: Convergence, Contact, Interaction

Naples (Italy), 26-28 May 2016: Law, Language and Communication: negotiating cultural, jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries

Graz (Austria), 26-28 May 2016: 8th International Conference on Youth Language 2016: Youth Languages 2016 – Variation – Dynamics – Continuity

Caserta (Italy), 26-28 May 2016: Law, Language and Communication: negotiating cultural, jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries


JUNE 2016

Granada (Spain): 7-10 June 2016: 16th Symposium of the International Dostoevsky Society (IDS2016)

Chambéry (France): 9-10 June 2016: TOTh2016

Graz (Austria), 9-11 June 2016: II Congress on Formas of Address in Spanish and Portugues – ‘Formas y Fórmulas de Tratamiento en el Mundo Hispánico y Luso-Brasileño’

Pine Forest (Ukrain), 10-12 June 2016: Ukrainian Translation Industry CAMP Conference (UTIC)

Split (Croatia), 10-12 June 2016: 7th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication

Aarhus (Denmark): 10–12 June 2016: 8th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech: New Sounds 2016

Caen (France): 15-17 June 2016: 12th International Conference on Actionality, Tense, Aspect, Modality, Evidentiality (Chronos)

Valencia (Spain): 15–18 June 2016: International Conference on Linguistic Attenuation: Semantic and Pragmatic Perspectives

Murcia (Spain):15-18 June 2016: Sociolinguistics Symposium 21(SS21)

Xi’an (China), 17-18 June 2016: Eighth Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum (APTIF8)

Porto (Portugal), 18-19 June 2016: Aptrad’s 1st International Conference – 1ª Conferência Internacional APTRAD

Helsinki (Finland), 20-22 June 2016: 6th International Conference on Bantu Languages

Lyon (France), 20-23 June 2016: AnaMorphoSys, Analyzing Morphological Systems Conference

Lancaster (United Kingdom): 23-25 June 2016: Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar

Erlenbach (Germany), 25-26 June 2016: Translators’ x18 Camp Work & Travel

Tbilisi (Georgia), 27-30 June 2016: 11th International Congress of the International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics

Nantes (France) , 29 June–01 July 2016: Connaissances et usages en langue seconde Knowledge and Usage in Second Language

Ghent (Belgium), 29 June–01 July 2016 : 18th Diachronic Generative Syntax 18 (DiGS 18)

Edinburgh (UK), 29 June – 01 July 2016: Critical LinkS – a new generation: Future-proofing interpreting and translating


JULY 2016

Vienna (Austria), 4–6 July 2016: 11th Cambridge Italian Dialect Syntax-Morphology Meeting (CIDSM11) 

Essex (United Kingdom), 5-7 July 2016: Third International Conference on language Attrition 

Lyon (France): 6–8 July 2016: Interactions Multimodales par Ecran (IMPEC) 

Tomar (Portugal), 13-15 July 2016: 12th International Conference on the Computational Processing of Portuguese

Rome (Italy), 18–23 July 2016: 28th International Congress of Romance Linguistics and Philology (28CILFR) 

Prato (Italy), 21-22 July 2016: The First International Conference on Cultural Linguistics

Vienna (Austria), 19–22 July 2016: 13th International Conference of the Association for Language Awareness (ALA 2016) 

Berlin (Germany), 29-30 July 2016: Seminar für Ostasienstudien



Berlin (Germany), 7–12 August 2016: 54th Annual Meeting of the association for Computational Linguistics (ACL2016) 

Trois-Rivières (Canad), 17-18 August 2016: II International Conference on Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation

Galway (Ireland), 22–26 August 2016: ESSE 2016 Seminar: Pragmatic Strategies in Non-Native Englishes 

Essen (Germany), 22-26 August 2016: 19th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics

Innsbruck (Austria), 29 August–01 September 2016: VIIIe Colloque International “Linguistique contrastive germano-romane et intraromane”



Vienna (Austria), 01-03 September 2016: The Xth International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism 

Paris (France), 01-04 September 2016: 2nd International Congress: Towards Proto-Niger-Congo: Comparison and Reconstruction

Aarhus (Denmark), 15-17 September 2016: 8th EST Congress – Translations Studies: Moving Boundaries

Barcelona (Spain), 20-21 September 2016: Taboo Humo(u)r: language, culture, society, and the media

Jyväskylä (Finland), 22-24 August 2016: Matters of Individuals in Contexts: Psychology of Language Learning 2

Athens (Greece): 23-25 September 2016: 1st International Conference on “Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders”  

Trier (Germany): 29 September-01 October 2016: The Dynamics of Wordplay, Interdisciplinary Perspectives 



Juiz de Fora (Brazil): 5-7 October 2016: 9th International Conference on Construction grammar (ICCG9) 

Essen (Germany): 5-7 October 2016: Seventh International Conference of: “Cognitive approaches to interaction and language attitudes” (DGKL/GCLA)

Oakland (USA), 6-9 October 2016: ALTA39: Translation & Crossings

Philadelphia (United States): 13-14 October 2016: Translating across Time and Space: Endangered Languages, Cultural Revitalization, and the Work of History”

Tarragona (Spain), 13-15 October 2016: Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2016: Raising standards through knowledge sharing and peer training

London (UK), 27-28 October 2016: International Conference on Interpreting and Translation



San Francisco (USA), 2-5 November 2016: ATA57 – The American Translators Association – Annual Conference

Al Khoudh – Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), 3-5 November 2016: SQU Conference – 3rd International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation: Connecting the dots in a Glocalized World 2016

Lille (France), 4-5 November 2016: Germanistes2016: Symposium International: La Fonction Commentative

Portsmouth (UK), 5 November 2016: Translation Conference 2016: Translation and Interpreting: Learning beyond the comfort zone

Indiana (United States) : 4-6 November 2016 : 3rd International Conference of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA)

Sevilla (Spain), 10-11 November 2016: SELM Congreso (Sociedad Española de Lenguas Modernas’)

Malmö (Sweden), 24-25 November 2016: NTIF Conference (Nordic Translation Industry Forum)

Poznań (Poland), 27-29 November 2016: Language and Technology Conference – LTC 2015 – Human Language Technologies as a challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics

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