Dirty Little Secrets for Translators


Strictly for freelancers

If you’re working from home or if you’re working alone somewhere, sometimes you have to consider leaving your private space and engage with the rest of the world.
Communication and interaction are crucial. We do communicate with clients, with fellow translators and sometimes with friends, but most of the time we do it on social media, with text messages and rarely do we speak to them on the phone. But are we avoiding real human interaction or real life engagement for the sake of time or money? We are social beings after all. This article lists a few tricks that can boost our productivity and our self-awareness, even deal with our hermit-like behavior.


Linguistics museum to open in Washington


A linguistics museum will open in a historic building in Washington, DC. Maybe other cities around the world consider this great idea.


Bad localization can be expensive. In games too…

Localization of poor quality can be costly to a business. This article shows examples from the computer gaming industry.

Some of them have even become cult classics.


Linguist claims 90% of languages will be extinct in 100 years due to migration

By 2115 about 90% of the languages in the world will be extinct, according to the prediction of a linguist from an American university. This means that what would remain will be about 600 languages. The reasons given for the possible situation are the inability of parents to teach their native languages to their children and because of globalization, as cultures tend to be fragmented when people migrate to new lands. The prediction was revealed by Dr. John McWhorter, who is a music, philosophy and American studies expert at Columbia University.

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