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What’s the best pet for freelancers?


Pros: Unconditionally loving, bright, happy to be with you; often good at taking orders. Excellent company when one is feeling the dreaded Freelance Isolation. Need for walks encourages exposure to sunlight, preventing rickets.

Cons: So social. So so endlessly social. Why did you leave the office if you’re constantly to be accosted every time you get up from your chair by a friendly busybody who wants to know where you’re going, please, and hey are you getting something to eat, and can I come can I come can I come? Predisposed to consume everything and anything, including deeply indigestible items that will then cause predictable, unpleasant stomach upset all over your carpet. Also, may eat you if you die.

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Proverbs in pictures

The cat is out of the bag: proverbs sound ridiculous when they’re translated. London-based writer Matt Lindley has become fascinated with how foreign idioms translate into surreal phrases. “A country’s idioms can give us an insight into a culture,” he says. “There’s something slightly ‘other’ about foreign sayings, that reveals quite a different way of thinking.” After Lindley collected the sayings, Edinburgh-based artist Marcus Oakley turned them into illustrations for travel website Hotel Club. “I’m sure English idioms sound really strange to other people,” Lindley says. “Often ones that resonate with different cultures are the ones that are quite far away from the ones they have.” continued




The MIT Vocab Quizz

An experiment being conducted by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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