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Self-censoring font

The Department of Homeland Security has a list of 370 words it tracks on social media to identify possible terroristic or public health treats and follow unfolding natural disasters. A downloadable font from designer Emil Kozole, brilliantly illustrates these linguistic triggers by redacting these so-called spook words. Type something as innocent as “facility” or “San Diego” and before your cursor even jumps a space ahead, the word is hidden behind a black strike-through. It’s disturbing, frustrating, and alarming, and that’s the point.Read more…


smartphone – phablet – tablet

Και εκεί που είχαμε αρχίσει όλοι να μαθαίνουμε το tablet, ξεφύτρωσε και το phablet. Η λέξη phablet προκύπτει από το συνδυασμό της λέξης phone και της λέξης tablet. Ας δούμε τις  βασικές διαφορές τους:

Το smartphone είναι πιο μικρό από το phablet.
Το phablet είναι πιο μικρό από το tablet.

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How to use TMs from multiple languages in SDL Studio 2014

Have you ever tried to translate or open an SDL Studio 2014 project/package and your current TMs don’t match the ones defined in the project? For instance, have you ever tried to open a project and use an en-US TM with a project that uses en-GB TMs? Sounds like a problem.

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Convert Excel files to TMX (online tool)

Convert online Excel files (xls, xlsx) to TMX

xlsx/xls/tsv > tmx is part of a series CAT conversion tools developed by Translatum

This tool converts the following types of files to a tmx memory file. It accepts as input the following types of files:

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Let’s IATE from home!

TermCoord has created some add-ons/extensions that will enable users to access IATE more easily by offering them a better browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox users:

Google Chrome users:

Safari users:

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