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Linguistics museum to open in Washington


A linguistics museum will open in a historic building in Washington, DC. Maybe other cities around the world consider this great idea.


Bad localization can be expensive. In games too…

Localization of poor quality can be costly to a business. This article shows examples from the computer gaming industry.

Some of them have even become cult classics.


localization vs. internationalization

Internationalization (i18n)
The process of making a program localizable. This would cover work to allow for different fonts and charactersets to be displayed correctly. To allow for scripts that run from right-to-left, etc. This work is usually done once for a language, once the toolkits and programs support a language the internationalization work is usually complete.
Localization (l10n)
The process of taking an existing program or operating system and making it work in your language. This would include translating: interface and documentation, creating a locale file and the creation of fonts. It would not include changing the widget set or program operation to cater for your language, that work would fall under internationalization.

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