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The business guide for translators – Marta Stelmaszak

the business guide for translators Everything you should know about business principles and the laws of the market in one guide.

Written by our respectable colleague Marta Stelmaszak, a law, marketing and business translator, this book provides you with essential business knowledge to create your own successful translation and interpreting business.

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The art of translation

BN-FK004_bellos_G_20141105132314David Bellos has translated more than 20 books. He is also a director of a program at Princeton University that awards a certificate in translation. He is also the author of seven of his own books including “Is That a Fish in Your Ear?” which The Economist cited as a 2011 Book of the Year, saying in a review,  “In the guise of a book about translation this is a richly original cultural history.”

In an interview, Bellos, 69 years old, discussed the art of translation.

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Dictionary of untranslatables – Michael Wood

dictionary of untranslatable

Some words just can’t be translated into another language. Michael Wood, one of the editors of the “Dictionary of Untranslatables,” says that’s just not true — you can translate anything. But even “untranslatable” itself is a word with many meanings.

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Lost in translation – Charlie Croker

lost in translation charlie croker

by Charlie Croker

“Lost in Translation” features hundreds of genuine, original and utterly ridiculous examples of the misadventures in English discovered all over the world by the author and his intrepid team of researchers. Everything from hotel signs to baffling advertisements, such as the German beauty product offering a ‘Cream shower for pretentious skin’ or the Japanese bar that boasts ‘Special cocktails for ladies with nuts’, or the French warning at a swimming pool – ‘Swimming is forbidden in the absence of the saviour.’ Published in paperback for the first time this autumn, “Lost in Translation” demonstrates how widely the English language has travelled, though unfortunately some of it seems to have got a bit scrambled en route.

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The book of clichés

The Book of Clichés lists phrases to say in times of trouble in a number of categories.

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