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Ποιοι παράγοντες αυξομειώνουν το κόστος μιας μετάφρασης;

Το κόστος για τη μετάφραση ενός κειμένου συνήθως επηρεάζεται από τους εξής παράγοντες: α) γλωσσικό συνδυασμό, β) ορολογία, γ) προθεσμία και δ) ποσότητα.

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Residents wonder why same translation job has different rates

Qatar residents have pointed out that customers have to pay different rates for the same translation work at different places.

Wondering why they have to shell out more money at some places for a job that costs less at others, they claim the difference in rates can be quite significant at times. This is happening at a time when more expatriates of different nationalities arrive in the country for employment and the demand for translation to Arabic reaches an all-time high.

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