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Summer Course in Audiovisual Translation

This intensive course provides a theoretical framework for translators and researchers in the area of AVT as well as hands-on training with professional software and audiovisual material taken from different authentic contexts.

Module A: Subtitling (29 June – 7 July) – 12 hours – English into French, Italian, Spanish, Polish

Module B: Dubbing and Voiceover (8 – 16 July) – 12 hours – English into French, Italian, Spanish, Polish

Module C: Accessibility to the Media (17 – 24 July) – 12 hours – English only

For more information: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/centras/prof-courses/summer-translation/av



International Terminology Summer School 2015

The International Terminology Summer School (TSS) offers a one-week, practice-oriented training course covering a comprehensive overview of the methods and principles of terminology management. The course is taught by some of the most renowned and prominent terminology experts in the world. Participation in TSS qualifies to obtain the ECQA Certificate for Terminology Managers. The course was designed for language and terminology professionals, students and researchers who are looking for a practice-oriented, comprehensive, state-of-the-art introduction to terminology management theory and practice. No specific background or knowledge level is required to participate. However, the course is most beneficial to those who have at least minimum experience working with or on terminology.

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