International Conferences 2015: January


Lyon (France), 15-17 January 2015: Acedle 2015, Interagir pour apprendre les langues aujourd’hui

Tromsø (Norway),16 January 2015: International Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Uralirc Languages

Tübingen (Germany), 22-23 January 2015: The Division of Labor: A View from Syntax, Semantics, Information Structure and Processing (DoL 2015)

Tromsø (Norway),22-23 January 2015: Norwegian Student Conference in Linguistics and Philology

Grenoble (France), 25-29 January 2015: 29th Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Special Track on Al and the web

Barcelona-Bellaterra (Spain), 27-30 January 2015: 12th Old World Conference in Phonology

Malaga (Spain), 29-31 January 2015: New Horizon in Translation and Interpreting Studies