Nouns: concrete, abstract, collective & compound

Concrete nouns: People, places, and things are all concrete nouns. They’re things you can see or touch such as kittens and puppies, trees and flowers, sticks and stones, and cities and countries.

Abstract nouns: They’re things such as concepts, feelings, ideas, states of mind, and attributes. For example, honor, loyalty, courage, truth, and freedom are all abstract nouns.

Collective nouns:  They describe a group of things, usually people, such as team, band, group, class, committee, etc.

Compound nouns: Compound nouns are usually nouns that are made up of two other words, and they can be formed three different ways: 1) open compounds (two separate words, such as coffee house), 2) closed compounds (two words that are now written as one, such as football), 3) hyphenated compounds (two words that are joined by a hyphen, such as collar-bone).

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