Embarrassing errors

Oh yes, there is a difference in the way we pronounce CONFLICT as a verb and CONFLICT as a noun! If you are a non-native English speaker and you haven’t already discovered this embarrassing pronunciation problem, then the following rule might help you sort it out.

Τhe stress of a verb is on the last syllable,
and that of a noun is on the first syllable.

See the following examples:
to suspect, a suspect
to conflict, a conflict
to contest, a contest
to contract, a contract
to convert, a convert
to convict, a convict
to incline, an incline
to insult, an insult
to object, an object
to permit, a permit
to present, a present
to produce, a produce
to project, a project
to protest, a protest
to rebel, a rebel
to recall, a recall
to reject, a reject
to research, a research

Source: translationdirectory.com