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The history of machine translation

by Globalization Partners International

The modern history of automated translation begins primarily in the post WW2 & Cold War era, when the race for information and technology motivated researchers and scholars to find a way to quickly translate information.

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Human-edited machine translation service

To save businesses from breaking the bank on translation services, Unbabel has developed technology that combines machine learning-based auto-translation with crowdsourced editing to offer quality translation at what it claims is “one-fifth” the going rate. By contracting Unbabel directly or by using the company’s REST-based API to integrate translation directly into their workflow, businesses can translate all of their website’s content in a flash at $0.02 per word.

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Advantages & disadvantages of MT

by IngilizceTurkce.Gen.Tr

In the past when we had to figure out the meaning of a word from another language, we made use of a dictionary. Not only was this a very time consuming task but it was kind of irritating owing to the fact that it was difficult to interpret the meanings. Moreover, when an entire paragraph or note had to be translated, this could be very difficult because one word had several meanings. So what to do? That’s where the machine translator came into the picture.

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What is PEMT?

PEMT stands for Post-Editing of Machine Translation. It’s a very hard task involving editing a machine-translated text. Based on industry standards, the rate charged is usually LOWER than your translation rate and HIGHER than your proofreading rate.